Build Your Syrup Rack!

Slow cook ingredients to create delicious syrups for Barbara! Build more Syrup Racks to prepare more syrup and earn coins and Syrup Points faster! 

Add ingredients in the Syrup Racks to earn coins and Syrup Points! Prepare tasty syrup, and this baby Brown Tibetan Pig could be yours!

Release Date: 16/02/2016

 Syrup Bottle
 Low Stool
Polished Table

Enamel Lining

Kettle Handle

Iron Kettle

Pot Lid

Fruit Stencil

Soldering Pen

Syrup Rack

Syrup Rack

Syrup Point

New Rewards:

A gorgeous fence to keep your farm organized.

Lantern Picket Fence

Romantic and functional, all in one.

Swinging Wicker Love Seat

Kick back and relax, right here!

Refreshment Station

Bag of Goodie

New Recipes:

A delicious and beautiful dessert.

Cabbage Cream

A rich, buttery syrup made from truffles.

Truffle Syrup

A sweet syrup made from fresh pumpkins.

Pumpkin Syrup

A luscious yellow syrup made from reducing mangoes and lemons.

Yellow Compote Syrup 
Heirloom Yellow Compote Syrup

A dark red syrup made from apples and cranberries.

Red Compote Syrup
Heirloom Red Compote Syrup

A syrup made from sweet berries.

Berry Compote Syrup

A sweet and sour syrup with yogurt.

Tart Berry Syrup

A delicious syrup to make fancy risotto with.

Risotto Reduction

A healthy, fruity, thick syrup.

Raisin Mash

A delicious chowder reduction with corn and onions.

Corn Chowder Reduction

 A thick, chunky sauce.

Ragu Concentrate
Heirloom Ragu Concentrate

A thick nectar made of fresh mangoes and strawberries.

Fruity Nectar
Heirloom Fruity Nectar

An exotic tomato puree made from Indigo Rose tomatoes.

Blue Tomato Puree

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Flavorful, fragrant water.


 A delicacy for the finest palates.

Sweet Truffle Butter

Fine granules of high quality sugar.

Granulated Sugar

New Materials for the Next Quest: "Time Crafter Time"

Icing Sugar 
Cake Rack
Icing Syringe

New Animal:

Baby Brown Tibetan Pig
Adult Brown Tibetan Pig
Prized Brown Tibetan Pig

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