Build a Romantic Gazebo!

Walter needs your help setting up a Romantic Gazebo! Collect enough Love Posies to win a baby Lilac Otter Lop Rabbit! 

Get Love Posies each time you craft at the Romantic Gazebo! Craft new items to earn more Love Posies for Walter at the Romantic Gazebo!

Release Date:02/02/2016

Date Night Chair
Gazebo Pillar
Romantic Adornment

Craft here to earn Love Posies, so Walter can woo Barbara this Valentine's!

Romantic Gazebo

New Animal:

Sweet-natured and very easy to care for, which makes them great pets!

Baby Lilac Otter Lop Rabbit
Adult Lilac Otter Lop Rabbit
Prized Lilac Otter Lop Rabbit

New Decorations:

A real heart melter!

Valentine's Archway

When love is truly in the air!

Sweetheart Balloons

Cozying up in full swing!

Lovey-Dovey Swing

1st Week Recipes:

A refreshing touch to a date!

Aloe Lemon Dessert
Heirloom Aloe Lemon Dessert

 Brings a sweet smelling aroma to the table!

White Lily Centerpiece

All the better to snuggle up with!

Love Cushion

2nd Week Recipes:

More than just a treat for the eyes!

Spiced Cranberry Rolls

A simple gift goes a long way!

Rubber Love Ducky

Heirloom Rubber Love Ducky

3rd Week Recipes:

Nothing like pampering your Valentine!

Evening Jewelry Set

A bite you'd love to have

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Crimean Iris Hairpiece

New Recipes:

A rich, creamy dessert you'd love!

Clotted Cream Panna Cotta

A yummy pudding with a burst of berry goodness!

Summer Pudding

Adds a classy touch!

Black Feather Cushion

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Display Bowl

Satin Cushion Cover

Heart Stickers

Dark Chocolate Sauce

Hair Comb

New Materials for the next Quest:

Love Swirl

Balloon Wicker Basket

Hamper of Love

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