Spread the rich red glaze of Gac fruit! (Market LE Items)

Plant Gac and check out Cream Legbar Chicken, Honeyberry Trees, wintry decos and more!

Release Date: 28/12/2015


Baby Cream Legbar Chicken
Adult Cream Legbar Chicken
PrizedCream Legbar Chicken

Baby Braunvieh Cow
Adult Braunvieh Cow
Prized Braunvieh Cow

Baby Peach Golden Pheasant
Adult Peach Golden Pheasant
Prized Peach Golden Pheasant

Baby Brown North American River Otter
Adult Brown North American River Otter
Prized Brown North American River Otter


Snowman Scarecrow

Snow Tile

Snowy Lantern Fence

Snow Party Gazebo


Black Spruce Tree
Heirloom Black Spruce Tree
Elder Black Spruce Tree
Black Spruce Tree Log
Heirloom Black Spruce Tree Log

Pili tree
Heirloom Pili tree
Elder Pili tree
Pili tree Fruit

Heirloom Pili tree Fruit

Sweetberry Honeysuckle
Heirloom Sweetberry Honeysuckle
Elder Sweetberry Honeysuckle
Sweetberry Honeysuckle Fruit
Heirloom Sweetberry Honeysuckle Fruit


Gac Sticky Rice Cake

Gac Fruit Extract

Spicy Herbal Gac
Heirloom Spicy Herbal Gac

Sweetberry Honeysuckle Ice Cream

Heirloom Sweetberry Honeysuckle Ice Cream

Sweetberry Honeysuckle Bread Pudding
Heirloom Sweetberry Honeysuckle Bread Pudding

Sweetberry Honeysuckle Peach Pandowdy
Heirloom Sweetberry Honeysuckle Peach Pandowdy

Sweetberry Honeysuckle Shortcake
Heirloom Sweetberry Honeysuckle Shortcake

Pili Nut Cake
Heirloom Pili Nut Cake

Roasted Tangy Pili Nuts
Heirloom Roasted Tangy Pili Nuts


Prized Gac
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