Plate up a healthy pie with the Navy Bean! (Market LE Items)

Plant Navy Bean and check out Seneca White Reindeer, Surinam Cherry Trees and more!

Release Date: 21/12/2015


Antiaris Tree
Heirloom Antiaris Tree
Elder Antiaris Tree
Antiaris Tree Log
Heirloom Antiaris Tree Log

Surinam Cherry Tree
Heirloom Surinam Cherry Tree
Elder Surinam Cherry Tree
Surinam Cherry Tree Fruit
Heirloom Surinam Cherry Tree Fruit

Ivory Chalice Magnolia Tree
Heirloom Ivory Chalice Magnolia Tree
Elder Ivory Chalice Magnolia Tree
Ivory Chalice Magnolia Tree Fruit
Heirloom Ivory Chalice Magnolia Tree Fruit


Surinam Cherry Chiffon Pie
Heirloom Surinam Cherry Chiffon Pie

Surinam Cherry Jelly
Heirloom Surinam Cherry Jelly

Surinam Cherry Turnover
Heirloom Surinam Cherry Turnover

Navy Bean Soup

Navy Bean Casserole

Ivory Chalice Magnolia Vase
Heirloom Ivory Chalice Magnolia Vase


Spread a warm glow this winter

Lit Up

Tip me over and pour me out!

Frozen Drops

Enjoy a never-ending ride

Sleigh Seater

Welcome the holidays with some red, white and green!

Snowflake Fence

A place to hang your skates



Baby Pintaloosa Mini Horse
Adult Pintaloosa Mini Horse
Prized Pintaloosa Mini Horse

Baby Corriedale Silver Sheep
Adult Corriedale Silver Sheep
Prized Corriedale Silver Sheep

Baby Seneca White Reindeer
Adult Seneca White Reindeer
Prized Seneca White Reindeer

Baby Midnight Black Shoulder Peacock
Adult Midnight Black Shoulder Peacock
Prized Midnight Black Shoulder Peacock


Navy Bean
Prized Navy Bean
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