Missing Persian Kittens! (Coming Soon)

Recruit 16 Search Party Members to find all the kittens! You need 16 search party members to find all the kittens. Start now to gain an immediate advantage!

Start the search right away, and make the most of this opportunity to find them faster! Make room on your farm for your cat and come back to the Cat Cottage to finish adopting your Kitten!

Search Party Member

Baby Orange Persian
Adult Orange Persian

Baby Gray Persian
Adult Gray Persian

Baby White Persian
Adult White Persian

Baby Smoke Persian
Adult Smoke Persian

Baby Calico

Adult Calico

Mama Cat

An endless source of entertainment for your Persian!

Cat Playhouse

The purr-fect way to pamper your Persian!

Cat Bed

There's no better way to make your cat feel right at home!

Cat Cottage
Cat Cottage
Cat Cottage

Litter Scoops
Kitten Balloon
Portable Litter Box

New Recipes:

Kitten Tape
Kitty Cat Sandwich
Heirloom Kitty Cat Sandwich

Bowl of Kitten Crunchies

Kitty Pancakes

Kitty Pudding
Heirloom Kitty Pudding

Blueberry Biscuits

Pumpkin Berry Treats

Kitty Egg Loaf

Kitty Savoury Cake

Kitty Tart

Chew Kitty Treats

Kitten Bells

Search Lanterns

Kitten Ribbon

Kitten Ladder
Heirloom Kitten Ladder

Kitten Carrier
Heirloom Kitten Carrier

Kitten Cushion

Kitten Towel

Box of Kitten Q Tips

Rubber Grooming Brush
Heirloom Rubber Grooming Brush

Kitten Soap
Heirloom Kitten Soap

Kitten Scratcher Board
Heirloom Kitten Scratcher Board

Kitten Play Mat

New Ask/Post to Friends:


Bug Repellant

New Animal:

Baby White Angus Mini Cow
Adult White Angus Mini Cow
Prized White Angus Mini Cow

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