Build Your Gift Grotto!

Create decorative ornaments for your friends and earn Greeting Cards in return! Friends will leave Greeting Cards when they visit your Gift Grotto.

 Your friend collected the holiday ornaments and left you a Greeting Card! Share some!

Holiday Trees
Ornament Box
Timber Pillar

Make some beautiful ornaments for holiday decorations!

Gift Grotto
Greeting Card

New Rewards:

Balsam Fir Tree
Heirloom Balsam Fir Tree
Elder Balsam Fir Tree
Balsam Fir Tree Log
Heirloom Balsam Fir Tree Log

A statuette to add on to the holiday mood of your farm.

Elf Figurine

Get your farm ready for the holidays with this beautiful sleigh.

Santa's Sleigh

Useful resources for your farm.

Goodie Bag

A special gift for winters.

Snowflake Paver

Materials for the Next Quest:

Santa Cap
Quilling Paper

New Animal:

Asturian Painted Chickens are a rare breed of domesticated chickens.

Baby Asturian Painted Chicken
Adult Asturian Painted Chicken
Prized Asturian Painted Chicken

New Recipes:

Colorful lights to spread the holiday colors.

Pinecone String Lights

Beautiful ornament to decorate your holiday tree.

Fabric Tree Ornament

A charming holiday decoration for the season.

Russell Lupin Wreath

Blueberry flavored cheesy delicacy.

Blueberry Cheesecake

A traditional, fluffy two layered cake.

Milk Cake

A delightful thick beverage made with blended raw peaches.

Peach Smoothie
Heirloom Peach Smoothie

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Sewing Needle

Pinecone Light Bulbs

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