Build Your Cider Station!

Prepare your best Cider with a variety of ingredients to earn Cider Points! Prepare your best cider, and this baby Charolais Cow could be yours!

No time to be Meloncholy! Keep crafting delicious ciders to earn your baby Charolais Cow!

Release Date: 29/12/2015

Cider Mixers
Fruit Baskets

Cider Sampling Glass

Barrel Tap

Flavor Stirrer

Barrel Cork

Cider Mixing Spoon

Barrel Stands

Cider Points

Cider Station

Cider Barrel


Enjoy your cider in the classiest way possible! 

Cider Fountain

Grow fruits and protect your farm all at once!

Fruit Vine Wall

Apple Cider Paver


Summer's Kiss
Heirloom Summer's Kiss


Tangy Mango
Heirloom Tangy Mango

Orange Buzzer
Heirloom Orange Buzzer

Juicy Dreams

Inside Out

The Energizer

Berry Sun Shine

Watery Way

Apple Time
Heirloom Apple Time

Autumn Waves


Spring Fling

Ask/Post to Friends:

Cinnamon Cream

Melon Extract

Pineapple Paste

Materials for the Next Quest:

Sparkling Fountain
New Year Banner
New Year Lights


This strong breed of cow can be really heavy and is found all over the world!

Baby Charolais CowBaby Charolais Cow
Adult Charolais Cow
Prized Baby Charolais Cow

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