Build Santa's Snowman Workshop!

Earn a Water Sleigh at Santa's Snowman Workshop. Craft 1 Onion Bauble at Santa's Snowman Workshop.

Craft to earn Snowman Buttons and win awesome prizes! Collect enough Snowman Buttons to win a baby Red Zamorano Leones donkey!
Release Date: 22/12/2015

Candy Canes
Rainbow Button
Winter Beanie

Santa's Snowman
Snowman Button

New Animal:

Baby Red Zamorano Leones Donkey
Adult Red Zamorano Leones Donkey
Prized Red Zamorano Leones Donkey

New Decorations:

A beautiful homage to the festive season.

Warm Mini House

Always waiting to welcome you back!

Angel Bust

Ride steady on water!

Water Sleigh

1st Week Recipes:

A snowcovered tree to decorate during the holidays!

Bean Tree
Heirloom Bean Tree

Apple Placecard
Heirloom Apple Placecard

A delightful christmas ornament made from a vegetable!

Onion Bauble

A beautiful, handmade reindeer to place on a wall.

Horseshoe Reindeer

2nd Week Recipes:

A snack made specially for the holidays!

Rice Crispy Treat
Heirloom Rice Crispy Treat

A smart looking hat for the average snowman!

Snowman Hat

Fall Potpourri
Heirloom Fall Potpourri

3rd Week Recipes:

A sweater to keep a snowman warm!

Sunflower Sweater

The holiday treat for instant energy!

Candy Corn

A pleasing wreath made from feathers.

Feather Wreath

A glass of frothy, sweet strawberry smoothie.

Strawberry Smoothie

A mouth-watering glass of apple smoothie!

Apple Smoothie

A baked custard with a sugary top!

Sweet Custard

New Ask/Post to Friends:

A cute little workshop to create snow families!

Glitter Paint

Metal Horns

Festive Bobble

Sweet Syrup

Woven Straw

Materials for the Next Quest: "Snowman Showman"

Warm Mitten

Festive Candle

Snowman Muffler

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