Spread the fragrant aroma of Hyssop! (Market LE Items)

Plant Hyssop and check out Miranda Donkey, Shea Trees and a whole lot more!

Release Date: 23/11/2015


Baby Miranda Donkey
Adult Miranda Donkey
Prized Miranda Donkey

Baby Bourbonnais Grey Rabbit
Adult Bourbonnais Grey Rabbit
Prized Bourbonnais Grey Rabbit

Baby Termonde Duck
Adult Termonde Duck
Prized Termonde Duck

Baby Dwarf Cassowary
Adult Dwarf Cassowary
Prized Dwarf Cassowary


Jack Pine Tree
Heirloom Jack Pine Tree
Elder Jack Pine Tree
Jack Pine Tree Log
Heirloom Jack Pine Tree Log

Warden Pear Tree
Heirloom Warden Pear Tree
Elder Warden Pear Tree
Warden Pear Tree Log
Heirloom Warden Pear Tree Log

Shea Tree
Heirloom Shea Tree
Elder Shea Tree
Shea Tree Log
Heirloom Shea Tree Log


Prized Hyssop


A touch of antiquity for your farm.

Floral Antique Display

Flower Baskets

Red Ivy Ground Cover

Decorative Redwood Fence


Baked Warden Pears
Heirloom Baked Warden Pears

Braised Warden Pears Mascarpone
Heirloom Braised Warden Pears Mascarpone

Hyssop Syrup
Heirloom Hyssop Syrup

Hyssop Blueberry Ice Cream

Shea Body Butter
Heirloom Shea Body Butter

Shea Strawberry Lip Balm
Heirloom Shea Strawberry Lip Balm
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