FV2 Messenger (Beta) Start Guide!

Know what's trending in FarmVille2onWeb without loading your farm! Get the FarmVille 2 Messenger (Beta) and stay updated with your friends' activities.

Make sure you’ve installed Google Chrome on your system before you attempt the below steps.

Accessing the installation page

Step 1
- Right click on link below.
- You should see an option that says something on the lines of Copy Hyperlink or Copy Link.
- Click on it.

Step 2
To open up Google Chrome Browser on your system.
- Click on the Windows icon on your system (should look similar to the image below)
- After clicking, right away start typing ‘Chrome’
- You should see the search results with the Google Chrome Browser icon (it looks something like the image below)
- Click on this icon.

In the address bar of Chrome, right click again and select paste. Then press the Enter key.

Installing the extension from the Chrome Store

Step 1: You should open the provided link in Chrome to view the ‘Add To Chrome’ button. Click on this ‘Add To Chrome’ button seen (like in the image below)

Note: If you open the link in any other browser, the ‘Add To Chrome’ button is replaced with an ‘Available On Chrome’ button. So that should indicate whether you’re using Google Chrome or not.

Step 2: This should download the extension, and take you to a standard disclaimer, where you have to click on ‘Add extension' to install it.

Conclusion: This will lead to a new icon appearing next to the address bar (the area next to where we type the name of websites).

You should be all set to log in and start using FV2 Messenger at this point.

Logging Into FV2 Messenger

Click on the FV2 seal seen in the middle of the scroll.

If you aren’t already logged into Facebook, you’ll be asked for the Facebook login credentials (similar to what is seen below).
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