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Frangipani Wreath:


Frangipani Wreath Frangipani x8 + Wool x24

Heirloom Frangipani Wreath:


HeirloomFrangipani Wreath = Heirloom Frangipani x8 + Wool x24

Frangipani Tart:


Frangipani Tart Frangipani x6 + Wheat x16 + Milk x4

Heirloom Frangipani Tart:


Heirloom Frangipani Tart = Heiroom Frangipani x6 + Wheat x16 + Milk x4

Frangipani Cake:


Frangipani Cake Frangipani x6 + Egg x9 + Wheat x12

Heirloom Frangipani Cake:


Heirloom Frangipani Cake Heiroom Frangipani x6 + Egg x9 + Wheat x12

Stir Fried Bitter Melon:


Stir Fried Bitter Melon Indian Bitter Melon x10 + Onion x10

Stuffed Indian Bitter Melon:


Stuffed Indian Bitter Melon Indian Bitter Melon x12 + Tomato x12

Indian Bitter Melon Smoothie:


Indian Bitter Melon Smoothie Indian Bitter Melon x8 + Milk x24

Indian Bitter Melon Chips:


Indian Bitter Melon ChipsIndian Bitter Melon x10 + Wheat x16

Sauteed White Kohlrabi:


Sauteed White Kohlrabi Indian Bitter Melon x10 + Milk x8

White Kohlrabi Salad:


White Kohlrabi Salad Indian Bitter Melon x10 + Cucumber x10

White Kohlrabi Slaw:


White Kohlrabi Slaw Indian Bitter Melon x10 + Apple x8

Heirloom White Kohlrabi Slaw:


Heirloom White Kohlrabi Slaw = Heirloom Indian Bitter Melon x10 + Apple x8

Norway Spruce Tea Set:


Norway Spruce Tea Set Piece of Wood x8 + Gold Ore x8

Heirloom Norway Spruce Tea Set:

Heirloom Norway Spruce Tea Set = Heirloom Piece of Wood x8 + Gold Ore x8

Norway Spruce Sun Lounger:


Norway Spruce Sun Lounger ...? + Piece of Wood x48

Heirloom Norway Spruce Sun Lounger:


Heirloom Norway Spruce Sun Lounger ...? + Heirloom Piece of Wood x48
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