Build Your Gramophone Bench!

Learn from Barbara in her Dance Lessons! Tip: Each lesson is more rewarding than the last!
Each lesson is more rewarding than the last!

Your friends had a smashing time at Barbara's Dance Lessons and left some great gifts for you! It's time to pack up this Gramophone Bench! Use the Inventory Tool to store it, or the Sell Tool to sell it.

Release Date: 24/11/2015 

Classic music, wherever you need it!


The perfect accompaniment for the Dance Lesson.

Dancing Couple

It's time to crank up the music!

Gramophone Crank
Gramophone Bench
Music Record

Materials for the Next Quest: "Less is More"

For getting rid of extra chub!


One swipe, no sweat!

Sweat Band

Hop, skip and jump!

Skipping Rope

New Recipes:

A smart blazer for a smart man!

Smart Blazer

Because you must not forget your hands while dressing up!

Gentleman Gloves

The perfect dress for a Ball!

Ball Gown

Fit for only the right girl!

Pair of High Heels

A pair of pants, for a match with the Shirt!

Pair of Gentleman Pants

A beautiful rose pin to be put on a dance dress.

Rose Pin

To give yourself some well deserved extra flair!

Wrist Sash

A perfect fit, made only from the best materials!

Gentleman Shirt

They judge you by your shoes, as they say!

Pair of Gentleman Shoes

So even your handkerchief can be stylish!

Pocket Square

Something to bring your whole wardrobe together!

Black Tie

New Ask/Post to Friends:

So that it never comes off!

Permanent Ink

Can't walk tall without 'em!

Shoe Heel

Small and tiny, yet strong and sturdy!

Plastic Pin

For all those small touches.

Tiny Needle

For the best kinds of footsteps.

Smooth Sole

The beginning of every great piece of clothing.

Stitching Needle

New Animal:

Wooly mini donkeys have a really soft and fluffy coat!

Baby Spotted Wooly Mini Donkey
Adult Spotted Wooly Mini Donkey
Prized Spotted Wooly Mini Donkey

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