Dress up your farm with Purple Calla Lily! (Market LE Items)

Plant Purple Calla Lily and check out Finnish Landrace Goat, Black Tulip Magnolia Trees and a whole lot more!
Release Date: 19/10/2015


Baby Leopard Appaloosa Mini Donkey
Adult Leopard Appaloosa Mini Donkey
Prized Leopard Appaloosa Mini Donkey

Baby Finnish Landrace Goat
Adult Finnish Landrace Goat
Prized Finnish Landrace Goat

Baby Arapawa Pig
Adult Arapawa Pig
Prized Arapawa Pig

Baby Graylag Goose
Adult Graylag Goose
Prized Graylag Goose


Candelabra Tree
Heirloom Candelabra Tree
Elder Candelabra Tree
Candelabra Tree Log
Heirloom Candelabra Tree Log

Betel Nut Tree
Heirloom Betel Nut Tree
Elder Betel Nut Tree

Betel Nut Tree Fruit

Heirloom Betel Nut Tree Fruit

Black Tulip Magnolia Tree
Heirloom Black Tulip Magnolia Tree
Elder Black Tulip Magnolia Tree
Black Tulip Magnolia Tree Fruit
Heirloom Black Tulip Magnolia Tree Fruit


Purple Calla Lily
Prized Purple Calla Lily


Caution! Low flying bats!

Creepy Spider Haybale

Venue of the Wicked Witches Convention! You are invited!

Jack-O-Water Tower

You may not see it, but it's always crowded at this ghost post.

Witch's Broom Light Post

Carve out some gh'oul times!

Lit Up Pumpkins


Betel Nut Fish Wrap
Heirloom Betel Nut Fish Wrap

Candied Betel Nuts
Heirloom Candied Betel Nuts

Black Tulip Magnolia Bouquet
Heirloom Black Tulip Magnolia Bouquet

Black Tulip Magnolia Soap
Heirloom Black Tulip Magnolia Soap

Purple Calla Lily Perfume
Heirloom Purple Calla Lily Perfume

Purple Calla Lily Hairpin
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