Discover the Earthnut Pea in a whole new way! (Market LE Items)

Plant Earthnut Pea and check out Creole Polish Frizzle Chicken, Moro Blood Orange Trees and much more!

Release Date: 12/10/2015


Baby Tricolor Galloway Mini Cow
Adult Tricolor Galloway Mini Cow
Prized Tricolor Galloway Mini Cow

Baby Creole Polish Frizzle Chicken
Adult Creole Polish Frizzle Chicken
Prized Creole Polish Frizzle Chicken

Baby Enderby Island Rabbit
Adult Enderby Island Rabbit
Prized Enderby Island Rabbit

Baby Common Merganser Duck
Adult Common Merganser Duck
Prized Common Merganser Duck


House re-possessed! Call Ima Ghoul, Surreal Estates, for details

Haunted Victorian Mansion

Gone haunting! Will return at midnight

Eerie Lamp Post

A rich harvest, from land to table

Bountiful Harvest Wagon

Hang around for a spell. Eat, drink and be scary!

Haunted Dinner Spread


Moro Blood Orange
Heirloom Moro Blood Orange

Elder Moro Blood Orange
Moro Blood Orange Fruit

Heirloom Moro Blood Orange

Carnauba Palm
Heirloom Carnauba Palm
Elder Carnauba Palm
Carnauba Palm Fruit
Heirloom Carnauba Palm Fruit

Yellow Wintersweet Tree
Heirloom Yellow Wintersweet Tree
Elder Yellow Wintersweet Tree
Yellow Wintersweet Tree Fruit
Heirloom Yellow Wintersweet Tree Fruit


Moro Blood Orange Beet Salad
Heirloom Moro Blood Orange Beet Salad

Moro Blood Orange Sorbet
Heirloom Moro Blood Orange Sorbet

Yellow Wintersweet Tea
Heirloom Yellow Wintersweet Tea

Earthnut Pea Gazpacho

Earthnut Pea Mash

Wood Polish
Heirloom Wood Polish


Earthnut Pea
Prized Earthnut Pea
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