Build Your Sprout Campsite!

The Last Bite! Cook for your friends and earn Sprout Pins in return! Friends will leave Sprout Pins when they visit your Sprout Campsite.

Invite your friends over for a taste of outdoor goodness and earn Sprout Pins in return!

Wilderness Lantern
 Fire Pit
Sprout Stump

Take in the fresh air of the great outdoors!

Sprout Campsite

New Rewards:

Mark your territory!

Sprout Post

Carved from nature's finest wood!

Sprout Seater

Resource Pack

 Provides a great shelter from the wind!

Casuarina Tree 
Heiroom Casuarina Tree 
Elder Casuarina Tree 
Casuarina Tree Fruit 
Heirloom Casuarina Tree Fruit

New Materials for the Next Quest: "Sprouts Honor"

 Dutch Oven
 Rubber Mallet
Pack of Wood Chips

New Ask/Post to Friends:

 Sorrel Leaves
Sprout Pin

New Recipes:

A burst of flavor that will melt in your mouth!

Pepper Popper

Each bite oozes with wild berry goodness!

Dutch Berry Pancake

A wild herbed broth with a scrumptious citrus touch.

Wild Broth

New Animal:

 Baby Mottled Houdan Chicken
 Adult Mottled Houdan Chicken
Prized Mottled Houdan Chicken

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