Build Walter's Soapbox Workshop!

Build a soapbox car for Percy and his friends! Craft to earn Bumper Stickers and win prizes!

Collect enough Stickers to win a baby Black Spotted Pietrain Pig! Use better recipes to earn the most Stickers!

Release Date: 11/08/2015

Racer Tire
Car Blueprint
Pine Block

Craft here to earn Bumper Stickers, so Percy can take part in the soapbox derby!

Soapbox Workshop
Bumper Sticker

New Animal:

Baby Black Spotted Pietrain Pig
Adult Black Spotted Pietrain Pig
Prized Black Spotted Pietrain Pig

New Recipes:

1st Week:

Asparagus Wheel

Pumpkin Helmet

Racer Cookies

2nd Week:

Racer Scarf

Race Sign
Heirloom Race Sign

3rd Week:

Racer Jacket

Wood Polish
Heirloom Wood Polish

Traction Tire
Heirloom Traction Tire

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Wheel Hub

Sticker Paper


 Racer Cookie Cutter

Hobby Knife

New Decorations:

A seat specially made for racers to relax in.

Gearhead Seat

A new twist on your garden variety planter.

Traffic Cone Planter

A nice retro-feel garden decoration to show off your adventurous side.

Soapbox Garden

Materials for the Next Quest: "Soapbox Shenanigans"

Tire Gauge

Chalk Powder

Derby Whistle

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