FarmVille's Harvest Bazaar!

Hey {user}, I'm holding a Harvest Bazaar for the schools. The parents want to make sure the kids continue to eat healthy!

 Will you help me supply prize veggies through my Harvest Bazaar? Brilliant! I'll give you these two majestic adult horses as reward!

 Incredible! The Harvest Bazaar supplied vegetables to all the schools. Here are the two horses! You deserve them! Woah! Nice!
 One more thing. The schools had this trophy made for you! They're truly grateful.

The Harvest Bazaar was relatively successful, don't you think? The schools wanted to show their appreciation for all your hard work. They have this trophy commemorating the popular broccoli, just for you.

Cornelius is supplying vegetables to all the schools!
Harvest prize vegetables for the Harvest Bazaar. Win two horses and free water time!

Thank you for your contribution towards keeping school children healthy!

Broccoli Trophy

The 6 Hour Water Certificate makes your wells or water tower overflow with infinite water for 6 Hours!

6 Hour Water Certificate

Bazaar Point

Baby Palomino Curlie Horse
Adult Palomino Curlie Horse
Prized Palomino Curlie Horse

Baby Oldenburg Horse
Adult Oldenburg Horse
Prized Oldenburg Horse

Power Shower Pack
Feed Deed Pack
Need Speed Pack

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