Check out the Productions of the Mini Donkey See Saw!

During this week will arrive new Recipes in our Farm together the Mini Donkey See Saw!! Below the specifications for the production of these new recipes.

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Release Date: 21/07/2015

Donkey Warmer:


Donkey Warmer = Coconut Shell Button x4 + Spun Yarn x4 + Fur x12

Weaved Donkey Coat:


Weaved Donkey Coat Spun Yarn x4 + Fur x12

Thick Coat:


Thick Coat Fur x12

Twine Shelf:


Twine Shelf = Twine String x6 + Horseshoe x10

Twine Friendship Band:


Twine Friendship Band = Twine String x4 + Blueberry x8 + Flask x2

Twine Caddy:


Twine Caddy Twine String x6 + Piece of Wood x8

Heirloom Twine Caddy:


Heirloom Twine Caddy Twine String x6 + Heirloom Piece of Wood x8

Twine Bracelet:


Twine Bracelet Twine String x4 + Golden Fleece x5 + Wool x6 + Fine Rabbit Wool x2

Twine Ottoman:


Twine Ottoman Twine String x6 + Rubber x8

Heirloom Twine Ottoman:


Heirloom Twine Ottoman Twine String x6 + Heirloom Rubber x8

Hanging Mirror:


Hanging Mirror Twine String x4 + Piece of Glass x3 + Horseshoe x10

Felt Burlap Pillow:


Felt Burlap Pillow = Burlap Sheet x6 + Wool x16

Burlap Table Runner:


Burlap Table Runner Burlap Sheet x6 + Spun Yarn x6

Burlap Leaves:


Burlap Leaves Burlap Sheet x6 + Piece of Wood x8

Heirloom Burlap Leaves:


Heirloom Burlap Leaves Burlap Sheet x6 + Heirloom Piece of Wood x8

Burlap Bunting:


Burlap Bunting Burlap Sheet x6 + Twine String x4

Cosy Jar:


Cosy Jar Burlap Sheet x4 + Piece of Glass x3

Burlap Horseshoe:


Burlap Horseshoe Burlap Sheet x4 + Horseshoe x6
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