Build a your Stargazer's Deck! (Coming 14/07/2015)

Get ready for the starry spectacle of the century! Win a baby Mini Donkey
 Build a Stargazer's Deck to watch the meteor shower!Host the county for the spectacle of the century!

 Win FarmVille's first baby Poitou Mini Donkey! Don't miss FarmVille's first meteor shower in over a century! The whole county is going starry-eyed over the meteor shower! Check out all the star-themed treats!

Meteor Telescope
Telescope Stand
Stargazer Platform

Learn about and watch the meteor shower from this observatory!

Stargazer's Deck

New Animal:

These mini donkeys are one of the cuddliest of the mini species!

Baby Poitou Mini Donkey
Adult Poitou Mini Donkey
Prized Poitou Mini Donkey

Materials for the Next Quest: "A Skylight for the Starlight"

Blue Thermos
Paper Fan
pair of Bifocals

Materials for the Next 4 Weeks Quests: "Starry, Starry Night"

1st Week:


2nd Week:

Star Guide

3rd Week:

Tea Light

4th Week:

Dew Shield

New Decorations:

A bridge that looks like it leads to another world!

Meteor Rock Bridge

A wall that twinkles like the night sky!

Meteor Rock Wall

Add the mysterious allure of midnight to your garden.

Meteor Rock Gate

Meteor Rock Wall 5 Pack

New Recipes:

Lights Out Poster
Heirloom Lights Out Poster

Handheld Telescope
Heirloom Handheld Telescope

Lens Cleaning Kit
Heirloom Lens Cleaning Kit

Star Pillow

Folding Chair
Heirloom Folding Chair

Starfruit Smoothie

All Star Gumdrops

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Colored Marker
Telescope Lens

Soft Bristle Brush

Glitter Fabric

Starfruit Slices

Twine String

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