Build your Mini Donkey See Saw! (Coming 21/07/2015)

Hey Farmer, we know that you lost out on some water. To make up for this, we're giving you 6 whole hours of Unlimited Water.

Collect Twine String and Burlap Sheets! Teach a Baby Mini Donkey How to Play! Teach this baby mini donkey how to have some fun!

See Saw Plank
See Saw Base
Cushion Tyre

Feed adult mini donkeys to obtain Twine String.

Twine String

A see saw for a baby mini donkey to learn how to balance.

Mini Donkey See Saw

High Fiber Cube

Materials for the Next Quest:

Igloo Ice Mould
Popsicle stick Birdhouse
Paper Boat

New Recipes:

Donkey Warmer

Weaved Donkey Coat

Thick Coat

Coconut Shell Button

Twine Shelf

Twine Friendship Band

Twine Caddy
Heirloom Twine Caddy

Twine Bracelet

Twine Ottoman
Heirloom Twine Ottoman

Hanging Mirror

Felt Burlap Pillow

Burlap Table Runner

Burlap Leaves
Heirloom Burlap Leaves

Burlap Bunting

Cosy Jar

Burlap Horseshoe

New Animals:

American Woolly Mini Donkeys are friendly with kids and adults alike!

Baby American Woolly Mini Donkey
Adult American Woolly Mini Donkey
Prized American Woolly Mini Donkey

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