Build Your Meteor Shard Showcase! (Coming 28/07/2015)

Harvest your Crops, collect Meteor Shards, and win great Rewards! 
Gather Meteor Shards and win a baby Silver Wood Duck before time runs out!

Release Date: 04/08/2015

Meteor Shard Holder
Wooden Plank

A showcase for all the Meteor Shards you've collected.
Meteor Shard Showcase

New Decorations & Rewards:

With a warm glow and a texutre to match, this is the best way to light up your farm!

Meteor Lamp

Feel like you're living amongst the stars with this set of pavers.

Meteor Paver

Dark, flaky barks, small white flowers and really big leaves!

Big-Leaf Mahogany Tree
Heirloom Big-Leaf Mahogany Tree
Elder Big-Leaf Mahogany Tree
Big-Leaf Mahogany Tree Log
Heirloom Big-Leaf Mahogany Tree Log

Goodie Bag

New Tickets:

Meteor Shard
Two Shard Satchel
Three Shard Sack

New Animal:

Baby Silver Wood Duck
Adult Silver Wood Duck
Prized Silver Wood Duck

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Stitch Holder
Synthetic Fibre

Materials for the Next Quest:

Violin String
Aromatherapy Kit

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