"In-waist-igations" Official Quest Guide!

{user}, can I have a word with you in private? Barbara's going crazy! Oh no!
Yeah. We suspect one of our guests is ruining our linen and food! We don't know who though.

Double oh no! Please help us get to the bottom of this. You could investigate under the guise of being our man Friday. I'll do my best!

Release Date: 09/06/2015

The Case Is On

Tend to your farm, before helping out in uncovering the identity of the B&B's vandal!
Quest Tasks:
  1. Place a Clubhouse.
  2. Gather 15 Water.
  3. Water 15 Thumbelina Carrot.

The Story Unfolds

While you continue with your investigations, could you also help us with supplies from your farm?
Quest Tasks:
  1. Get 5 Camera.
  2. Feed 3 Adult Chicken.
  3. Make 2 Thumbelina Carrot Salad.

Two Wet Feet

I'll inspect the mud tracks at the B&B, while you could take a look at the foot prints next to the lemon trees.
Quest Tasks:
  1. Harvest 3 Lemon Tree.
  2. Feed 3 Adult Sheep.
  3. Have your sweetie or kid do 1 Pearl Diving Job.

Gathering Evidence!

I'll go ahead and make a record of what we've uncovered, if you can get me some measuring tape.
Quest Tasks:
  1. Get 5 Measuring Tape.
  2. Gather 20 Power.
  3. Make 3 Pumpkin Pie, for the B&B.

In Times Of Trouble

Can you help us replace the missing fruits and ruined linen at the B&B?
Quest Tasks:
  1. Tend your Sheep Shack 2 times.
  2. Harvest 3 Orange Tree.
  3. Make 2 Blue Wool Bolt.

Setting a Trap!

We know what the vandal likes, so we are one step ahead already.
Quest Tasks:
  1. Feed 2 Adult Pheasant.
  2. Make 2 Cornbread as bait.
  3. Make 2 Lasso.

Elementary, Dear Walter.

While I put together our case, you can find your hat, and handle anything else you've overlooked!
Quest Tasks:
  1. Get 5 Deerstalker Hat.
  2. Feed 2 Adult Turtle.
  3. Go Fishing 5 times.

Case Closed!

Could you handle a couple of supply requests, while I recover from the result of your investigation?
Quest Tasks:
  1. Tend your Goat Shelter 2 times.
  2. Harvest 30 Sunflower.
  3. Make 3 Beaded Wool Pouch.

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