Build Your Smoothie Bar! (Coming 16/06/2015)

Join Cornelius as he whips up great smoothies!
 Tip: Each Smoothie Bar is more rewarding than the last!

The guests had a yummy time at the Smoothie Bar and left some great gifts for you!

 Whoops, we need to pack up that Smoothie Bar! Use the Inventory Tool to store it, or the Sell Tool to sell it!

An old-fashioned smoothie bar to hang out at!

Smoothie Blender

The star of the smoothie show and Cornelius' best pal.

Tea Towel

Cornelius likes to keep his counter clean.

Smoothie Shaker

Make a home for an adorable baby turtle on your farm!
Smoothie Bar

Materials for the Next Quest:

A smoothie's not a smoothie till you shake it up.


Creamy, with a great texture to boot!

Hazelnut Milk

An exotic twist in the traditional milk tale.

Coconut Milk

New Recipes:

Apple Fizz

Heirloom Apple Fizz

A fresh, tangy soda to serve at the Smoothie Bar!

Orange Soda
Heirloom Orange Soda

A fresh puree to use in healthy drinks at the Smoothie Bar!

Pumpkin Puree

Courting Handbook
Heirloom Courting Handbook

A few drops will add big flavour to drinks made at the Smoothie Bar!

Blueberry Extract

Fresh, fruity essence for Cornelius to use at the Smoothie Bar!

Cranberry Extract

A powerful blend that you can't knock till you try!

Protein Spritzer

Nice light milk makes smoothies the best things they can be!

Frothy Milk

Thick strawberry goodness makes smoothies come alive!

Strawberry Syrup

Direct people to the Smoothie Bar!

Smoothie Sign
Heirloom Smoothie Sign

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Soda Siphon
Hand Blender
Stone Mortar
Wood Engraver

New Animal:

A fluffy blue-faced beauty!

Baby Bluefaced Leicester Sheep
Adult Bluefaced Leicester Sheep
Prized Bluefaced Leicester Sheep

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