Build Percy's Clubhouse! (Coming 09/06/2015)

Build a Clubhouse for Percy and his friends! Craft to earn Club Badges and win awesome prizes!

 Collect enough Badges to win a baby Golden Laced Frizzled Polish Chicken! Last Chance To Go Clubhousing!

 Percy needs your help setting up his super secret Clubhouse! Use better recipes to earn the most Badges! Get Club Badges each time you craft at the Clubhouse!

Clubhouse Sign
Pirate Balloon
Lookout Scope

Craft at the Clubhouse to earn Club Badges and win great prizes!

Club Badge

Craft here to earn Club Badges, so Percy can conduct his super secret meeting!


New Animal:

Baby Golden Laced Frizzled Polish Chicken
Adult Golden Laced Frizzled Polish Chicken
Prized Golden Laced Frizzled Polish Chicken

Recipes for the 1st Week:

Veggie Wall Art
Blanket Fort
Toy Typewriter

Recipes for the 2nd Week:

Rope Ladder
Checkers Board

Recipes for the 3rd Week:

Floor Rug
Juice Box Crate
Children's Telescope

New Ask/Post to friends:

Vintage Torchlight
Typewriter Letter Key
Checkers Pieces
 Juice Box
Glass Lens

New Materials for the Next Quest:

Measuring Tape
Deerstalker Hat

New Decorations:

Safely slide, bounce and land on the ground with this super fun play item.

Climbing Net

Add this fun little Play Bridge close to the clubhouse!

Play Bridge

Ahoy there! Spot danger and animals that wander by, from afar!

Clubhouse Lookout

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