VIP Farmer Crate! (Coming Soon)

 The VIP Farmer Membership is a subscription plan for FarmVille 2 that entitles you to a one-time sign-up bonus of 10 Baby Bottles followed by weekly deliveries of 25 Farm Bucks (100 every month) and 10 Water (40 every month) and monthly deliveries of a new exclusive animal. If you miss playing for a week, don't worry! The items you missed will be added to your delivery the next time you play. 

Your subscription to the VIP Farmer Membership starts from the date you purchase the membership. You will automatically be billed the same day of every month. For example, if you join on April 5th, your next billing date will be May 5th. You may cancel your membership at any time. Your benefits will remain intact until the next billing date. You will not receive a partial refund while you are enjoying these benefits over the remainder of your subscription period. We hope you enjoy the new VIP Farmer Membership!

Baby VIP Nguni Cow
Adult VIP Nguni Cow
Prized VIP Nguni Cow

Baby VIP Bleu du Maine Sheep
Adult VIP Bleu du Maine Sheep
Prized VIP Bleu du Maine Sheep

Baby VIP Nachi Goat
Adult VIP Nachi Goat
Prized VIP Nachi Goat

Baby VIP Geoffroy's Blood Pheasant
Adult VIP Geoffroy's Blood Pheasant
Prized VIP Geoffroy's Blood Pheasant

Click to collect your monthly VIP Farmer delivery!

VIP Farmer Weekly Crate

This plane gifts you VIP Farmer crates each week!

Subscriptions Plane

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