FV2 CE: "Harvest Swap - How To: Lives"

Hey Farmer!

Lives appear as hearts on the level select screen and you need these to continue playing levels. Whenever you lose, restart, or quit a level, it costs you a Life. 

There are several ways to earn more Lives:

  • Lives recharge over time so you can just wait for it.But that's no fun, so how about another way?

  • Ask your for more Lives. Click "Ask Friends" on the Out of Lives screen, and pick which friends to send to. Each friend can send you 1 Life. 

  • Buy Lives with Diamonds. Buying Lives will restore all your Lives immediately!

My friends sent me an extra life, but the game says I have a full set of lives. Why can't I have more?
If you have a full set of lives and a friend sends you an additional one, it will not be added..

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