Check out the New Recipes Coming with the Turtle Pond!

During the next week will arrive new Recipes in our Farm together the Turtle Pond!!! Below the specifications for the production of these new recipes.

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Release Date: 19/05/2015

Shale Brick:


Shale Brick Shale Mud x6 + Shale Mud x6

China Clay:


China Clay Shale Mud x6 + Water x1

Clay Top:


Clay Top China Clay x2 + Spun Yarn x4

Porcelain Bowl:


Porcelain Bowl Shale Mud x6 + Porcelain x2

Orange Tile:


Orange Tile Orange Clay x2 + Terracotta x1

Dried Seaweed:


Dried Seaweed Seaweed x6 + Seaweed x6

Seaweed Crackers:


Seaweed Crackers Seaweed x4 + Flour x1

Seaweed Stir Fry:


Seaweed Stir Fry Seaweed x4 + Tomato x8

Seaweed Rolls:


Seaweed Rolls Seaweed x4 + Rice x8

Seaweed Fritters:


Seaweed Fritters Seaweed x4 + Batter x2

Seaweed Tartlet:


Seaweed Tartlet Seaweed x4 + Pie Crust x1

Paddle Buddy:


Paddle Buddy Paddle Wheel x1 + Foam Swimming Board x4

Heirloom Paddle Buddy:


Heirloom Paddle Buddy = Heirloom Paddle Wheel x1 + Foam Swimming Board x4

Paddle Wheel:


Paddle Wheel Propeller x1 + Rubber x3

Heirloom Paddle Wheel:


Heirloom Paddle Wheel Propeller x1 + Heirloom Rubber x3

Chess Set:


Chess Set China Clay x1 + Pottery Slip x1
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