Build your Turtle Pond! (Coming 19/05/2015)

This baby turtle can't swim and could use a few tips in the water! The Baby Turtle's Water Hurdle!

 Feed Turtles: Collect Shale Mud and Seaweed!

 New limited-time Badges in the Keeper's Journal!

 Teach a Baby Turtle How to Swim!! Teach this baby turtle how to be a turtle!

 The baby turtle's swimming pond isn't ready yet. Complete the Turtle Pond!
 Good job! But it looks like the turtle will have to wait in your inventory. Get a trough for more animals!

The baby turtle is staying! Store the Turtle Pond or leave it on your farm for him to play with.

Turtle Statue
Bamboo Stump
Fencing Rope

A training pool in which a baby turtle can to learn to swim.

Turtle Pond

Materials for the Next Quest:

Leafy Turtle Treat
Pair of Cowgirl Boots

Fountain Pen
Cowgirl Hat

New Aniaml:

Spotted Turtles are really great listeners!

Baby Spotted Turtle
Adult Spotted Turtle
Prized Spotted Turtle

New Recipes:

Shale Brick
China Clay
Chess Set
Clay Top
Porcelain Bowl
Orange Tile
Dried Seaweed
Seaweed Crackers
Seaweed Stir Fry
Seaweed Rolls
Seaweed Fritters
Seaweed Tartlet

Paddle Buddy
Heirloom Paddle Buddy

Paddle Wheel
Heirloom Paddle Wheel


Other Materials:

Foam Swimming Board

Feed adult turtles to get shale mud.

Shale Mud

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