Build Your Snail Garden! (Coming 26/05/2015)

How Does One Snail It? Harvest your Crops, collect Snails, and win great Rewards!
Harvest Crops to round up Snails. Find more in Fertilized Land and Water Crops!

Gather Snails and win a baby Ginger Water Deer before time runs out!
There's no failing on the snail trail! Harvest crops to collect more snails!

Snail Shelter

Snail Pathway

Snail Net

A home for all those Snails you've collected.

Snail Garden

Goodie Bag

New Decorations:

Make way for this snail-shaped relaxation shack!

Snail Shack

Nothing says you embrace Snails like this snail-themed wall.

Snail Wall

Ask/Post your Friends:

Natural Chalk
Coconut Shell
Two Snail Pack
Three Snail Case

New Animal:

Water Deer are known to have 'teddy bear' looks owing to the shape of their ears!

Baby Ginger Water Deer
Adult Ginger Water Deer
Prized Ginger Water Deer

Glossy red-brown cones and needle-like leaves!

Slash Pine Tree

Heirloom Slash Pine Tree
Elder Slash Pine Tree
Slash Pine Tree Log
Heirloom Slash Pine Tree Log

New Materials for the Next Quest:

Snail Feeding Kit
Snail Carrier
Sesame Oil

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