Build Your Splash Station! (Coming 07/04/2015)

Build a Splash Station for Percy's river adventure! Craft to earn River Kits and win awesome prizes!
Help Percy get ready to go tubing down the river! Collect enough River Kits to win a baby Water Buffalo!

Percy needs your help to make his adventure a splashing success!

Release Date: 07/04/2015

Pump up the fun by tubing down the river this spring!

Splash Station

River Tube
Shack Support
Small Paddle
River Kit

New Recipes - First Week:

Sun Hat
Life Vest
Arm Floats
Heirloom Arm Floats

New Recipes - Second Week:

River Sandals
Utility Belt

New Recipes - Third Week:

Snack Pack
Thermal Towel
Bug Repellent

Ask/Post to Friends:

Reflective Tape
Air Pump
Water Canteen
Heavy Yarn
Aloe Gel

Materials for the Next Quest:

River Kit
Picnic Ice Box
Crash Helmet

New Animal:

Carabao Water Buffalo like to cool off by splashing about in water and even mud!

Baby Carabao Water Buffalo
Adult Carabao Water Buffalo
Prized Carabao Water Buffalo

New Decorations:

Head towards the light and to safety with this sea-worthy lanterns!

Lighthouse Lantern

Add this little blooming island to the river for some extra color!

Floating Garden

Place anywhere to instantly create an area of soothing serenity!

Pond in a Box

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