Build Your Play Clay Press! (Coming 28/04/2015)

Feat Of Clay!  Feed adult pigs to get Play Clay for Percy!
Press Play Clay for Percy's gift for Barbara!

 The more adult pigs on your farm, the better your chances of collecting all the Clay Shapes!
 Pack up the Play Clay Press. Percy finished making the model B&B.
 The more adult pigs you have, the faster you will find Play Clay.

Don't clay it safe! Use it in your Play Clay Press! Level The Claying Field!
 Share some Play Clay with your friends so they can press the matter too!

Clay Mill
Clay Press Plank
Clay Roller

An all-in-one workstation for all your clay molding needs.

Play Clay Press
Play Clay

Materials for the Next Quest: "A Mother's Day Surprise":

Boot Polish
Photo Album
Farm Hamper

New Ask/Post:


Clay Cube
Clay Column
Clay Strings

New Animal:

This blue-eyed beauty is just a cuddly ball of fun.

Baby Ginger Swiss Fox Rabbit
Adult Ginger Swiss Fox Rabbit
Prized Ginger Swiss Fox Rabbit

New Recipes:

Black Pepper Butter
Hard Boiled Eggs
Spicy Buttermilk

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