Build Your Perfumery! (Coming 05/05/2015)

Blend ingredients to create fragrant perfumes for Barbara! Blend Perfume without using Power to earn Aroma Points! Win a baby Mini Black Dartmoor Pony!

Build all 5 Blending Jars! Blend more Perfumes at the same time! Stand Up and Join the Fray-grance. Get to mixing those Perfumes, and this baby Mini Black Dartmoor Pony could be yours!

Not long now! Keep crafting those sweet Perfumes to earn your baby Mini Black Dartmoor Pony!

Perfumery Jar

Perfume Bottle
Scent Dropper
Petal Bowl
Aroma Point

New Rewards:

Let the sweet scent of wildflowers follow you around the farm!

Bronze Daisy Paver

Tickle your olfactory senses with this potpourri cage.

Potpourri Cage

Fragrant Resource Pack

Pamper your tired feet in a relaxing, fragrant footbath after a long day.

Scented Footbath

New Recipes:

Woodland Way

Musk at Dusk

Fruity Surprise
Heirloom Fruity Surprise

Eternal Garden

Pine Pathway
Heirloom Pine Pathway

Strawberry Nectar

Berry Much

Spring Fling

Peared Off
Heirloom Peared Off

Nutty Delight
Heirloom Nutty Delight

Eau de Sunshine

True Blue

Midnight Fire

Ask/Post to Friends:

Small but powerful, this musky flower packs a punch!

Muskflower Extract

Warm and glowy, there's a fire within!


An exotic ingredient from an exotic shore!


New Animal:

Baby Mini Black Dartmoor Pony
Adult Mini Black Dartmoor Pony
Prized Mini Black Dartmoor Pony

Materials for the Next Quest: "A Different Beat"

Bejeweled Hairpin
Pair of High Heels
Red Skirt

Parts to build Perfumery's Jars:

Perfume Sampling Strips
Measuring Flask
Scent Stirrer
Cork Lid
Perfume Blending Chart

 Jar Stand

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