Build Your Cricket Terrarium, Official Guide!

A Thicket Full of Crickets! Harvest your Crops, find crickets, and win great Rewards!
 Build a Cricket Terrarium! Harvest Crops to find crickets!

 Cricket Season is Almost Over! Gather Crickets and win a baby Auburn Turkey before it's too late!

There's no sticky wicket when it comes to crickets. Harvest crops to find Crickets!
 Fertilize your crops for a higher chance of finding Crickets!

 The Crickets have moved to different climes!
 You just found a Cricket! Keep harvesting your crops to find more!

Building the Cricket Terrarium:

Main Page:

Craft Cricket Baits:

Harvest some Peaches (3) + Ask your friends for this Sugar Kettle (2)
= Two Cricket Jar

Harvest Adult Donkeys to get more Rope! (3) + Ask your friends for this Cornmeal Griner (3)
= Three Cricket Basket

You can also get Crickets from:

• Harvesting crops

• Feed Posts


22 Crickets = Critter Paver

44 Crickets = Cricket Planter

66 Crickets = Nootka Cypress

88 Crickets = Goodie Bag (3 Pruning Shears, 3 Instant Grows, and 3 Water)

*The Consumables will not add if at max.

Final Reward:

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