Build Your Petting Zoo! (Coming 31/03/2015)

Much Ado About the Zoo! Build a charming Petting Zoo on your farm.

 Host visitors at the zoo and collect Ticket Stubs. Win a baby Painted Marwari Horse!

 Win Petting Zoo decorations and lots of resources!

A tiny zoo to show off the cutest animals in the county!

Petting Zoo
Petting Zoo Bell
Corner Post
Roofing Hay Bale
Ticket Stub

New Materials:

Chicken Mesh
Bowl of Peanuts
Horse Riding Cap
Pet Shampoo
Bubble Tub
Braid Tie

New Animal:

With their graceful inward-tipped ears, these horses were once considered royal mounts!

Baby Painted Marwari Horse
Adult Painted Marwari Horse
Prized Painted Marwari Horse

New Recipes:

This low-lying birdbath is a favorite of our low-lying birds with a penchant to splash.

Chicken Birdbath

Use this whistle to impersonate other ducks!

Duck Whistle

These gloves fit like a glove, as gloves that fit generally do.

Pair of Horse Riding Gloves

New Ask to Friends:

A stone basin perfect for a rustic Chicken Birdbath.

Stone Basin

A reed to produce the quackiest quack in your Duck Whistle!

Copper Reed

Long-lasting natural dye in a lovely, warm shade of brown.

Brown Dye

New Decorations:

A fresh patch of alfalfa for your cattle to graze on.

Alfalfa Patch

Fence off the petting area at your zoo with these hardy fences.

Petting Zoo Fence

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