Build Your Birdhouse, Official Guide!

Build a Birdhouse for the migrating birds. Collect Bird Treats and win exclusive prizes!

Earn rewards by crafting fun things for them. Win a baby Brown Wensleydale Sheep!

Building the Birdhouse:

Main Page:

Crafting Bird Treats:• Week 1 Items

Harvest some Bull's Blood Beets (8) + Harvest some Strawberries (8)
Bag of Bird Seed (2 Bird Treats)

Harvest from an Heirloom Wood tree (6) + Ask yoru friends for this Pocket Knife (2)
Heirloom Bird Whistle (3 Bird Treats)

Harvest some Radishes (6) + Ask your friends for this Plastic Wheel (3)
Feeder Wheel (4 Bird Treats)


• Week 1

25 Bird Treats = Avian Sun Dial

45 Bird Treats = 5 Water
60 Bird Treats = 10 Water
105 Bird Treats = 15 Water

*The rewards will add to your Water Meter even if it's at max.

Thanks to #Rainbowmaker from the Player Support! ^_^
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