Build Your Birdhouse! (Coming 10/03/2015)

Build a Birdhouse for the migrating birds. Collect Bird Treats and win exclusive prizes!

Earn rewards by crafting fun things for them. Win a baby Brown Wensleydale Sheep!


Avian Weather Vane
Birdhouse Door
Roosting Bar

Bird Treat

New Animals:

Baby Brown Wensleydale Sheep
Adult Brown Wensleydale Sheep
Prized Brown Wensleydale Sheep

New Recipes:

Bag of Bird Seed
Feeder Wheel
Bird Whistle
Heirloom Bird Whistle
Rope Climber
Bird Plushie
Water Bowl
Bird Swing
Heirloom Bird Swing

Foraging Toy
Heirloom Foraging Toy

Ask to Friends:

Plastic Wheel
Pocket Knife
Colorful Feathers
Plastic Beads
Red Twine

Materials for the Next Quest: "Birds I View"

Mini Binoculars
Bird Watching Scrapbook

New Decorations:

Let the winged ones tell you the hour!

Avian Sundial

Hummingbirds add a splash of color and a soothing hum to your garden!

Hummingbird Statue

Relax in the sunshine in this beautiful hammock!

Bird Hammock

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