What is Florist's Cineraria? (Market LE Items)

Plant beautiful Florist's Cineraria and check out White-Faced Spanish Chickens, Braeburn Apple Trees, and much more! Available for a limited time!


Florist's Cineraria
Prized Florist's Cineraria


Baby Blaarkop Cow
Adult Blaarkop Cow
Prized Blaarkop Cow

Baby Jeju Pig
Adult Jeju Pig
Prized Jeju Pig

Baby White-Faced Spanish Chicken
Adult White-Faced Spanish Chicken
Prized White-Faced Spanish Chicken

Baby Black Indian Muntjac Deer
Adult Black Indian Muntjac Deer
Prized Black Indian Muntjac Deer


Checkerbark Juniper Tree
Heirloom Checkerbark Juniper Tree
Elder Checkerbark Juniper Tree
Checkerbark Juniper Tree Fruit
Heirloom Checkerbark Juniper Tree Fruit

Braeburn Apple Tree
Heirloom Braeburn Apple Tree
Elder Braeburn Apple Tree
Braeburn Apple Tree Fruit
Heirloom Braeburn Apple Tree Fruit

Purple Orchid Tree
Heirloom Purple Orchid Tree
Elder Purple Orchid Tree
Purple Orchid Tree Fruit
Heirloom Purple Orchid Tree Fruit


 Braeburn Apple Sauce
Heirloom Braeburn Apple Sauce

Braeburn Apple Tart
Heirloom Braeburn Apple Tart

Checkerbark Juniper Chest
Heirloom Checkerbark Juniper Chest

Purple Orchid Trellis
Heirloom Purple Orchid Trellis

Florist's Cineraria Necklace

Florist's Cineraria Pot
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