FarmVille's Fantastic Flower Festival!

 Harvest prize flower crops for points!
 Instagrower: Instantly grow your whole farm! Can be used 3 times!

Are you ready to Instagrow your crops and trees?
 Make sure that you have watered all your crops and trees.

 To celebrate spring I am throwing a Flower Festival!
 To end the festival Mayor Marie is going to name an official FarmVille Flower.
 We need to grow all types of flowers to earn flower points!

Harvest to instagrow all your watered crops and trees!


Commemerative cup of the offical FarmVille Sunflower

Sunflower Commemerative Cup

Flower Festival Points

This fluffy little one is very spunky.

Baby Fawn French Angora Rabbit
Adult Fawn French Angora Rabbit
Prized Fawn French Angora Rabbit

Small Reward
Medium Reward
Large Reward
Flower Power Pack

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