Check out the New Recipes Coming with the Alpine Ascent Expansions!

During the next week will arrive new Recipes in our Farm together the Alpine Ascent Expansions! Below the specifications for the production of these new recipes.

To see all the Info about the New Alpine Ascent Expansions Here =>

Pickled Okra:


Pickled Okra = Green Okra x10 + Pickling Spice x2

Southern Fried Okra:


Southern Fried Okra Green Okra x12 + Corn Meal x4

Okra and Tomatoes:


Okra and Tomatoes Green Okra x10 + Tomato x8

Ghost Pepper Deviled Eggs:


Ghost Pepper Deviled Eggs = Ghost Pepper x8 + Egg x6

Ghost Pepper Oil:


Ghost Pepper Oil Ghost Pepper x8 + Olive x8

Heirloom Ghost Pepper Oil:


Heirloom Ghost Pepper Oil = Ghost Pepper x8 + Heirloom Olive x8

Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce:


Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce = Ghost Pepper x12 + Garlic x4

Kiwi Pop:


Kiwi Pop = Kiwi x10 + Water x1

Kiwi and Spinach Salad:


Kiwi and Spinach Salad Kiwi x8 + River Spinach x4

Kiwi and Lime Tarts:


Kiwi and Lime Tarts Kiwi x12 + Lime x6

Heirloom Kiwi and Lime Tarts:


Heirloom Kiwi and Lime Tarts Kiwi x12 + Heirloom Lime x6

Passion Flower Tea:


Passion Flower Tea = Passion Flower x8 + Lemon Water x1

Heirloom Passion Flower Tea:


Heirloom Passion Flower Tea Passion Flower x8 + Heirloom Lemon Water x1

Stuffed Dumpling Squash:


Stuffed Dumpling Squash Dumpling Squash x8 + Sweet Potato x6

Passion Flower Centerpiece:


Passion Flower Centerpiece Passion Flower x12 + Blue Woll Bolt x2

Passion Flower Hair Clip:


Passion Flower Hair Clip Passion Flower x12 + Metal Sheet x3

Artisan Bench:


Artisan Bench Lumber x8 + Lumber x8

Heirloom Artisan Bench:


Heirloom Artisan Bench Heirloom Lumber x8 + Heirloom Lumber x8

Leather Gloves:


Leather Gloves Leather x8 + Brown Cloth x8

Feather Coat:


Feather Coat Brown Feather x10 + Black Feather x10
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