Build Your Candle Making Kit! (Coming 10/02/2015)

Hi {user}, the weather has been awful lately, hasn't it? It has.
A thunderstorm knocked down most of our power lines and left the county in darkness! How awful!

 Let's build a Candle Making Kit and craft candles. Scented ones will stop people getting cranky!
 Make candles and get this baby Blue Bearded Watermael Chicken in return!

 These candles will really help everyone continue with their work till the power comes back!
 They burn down fast though, so keep them coming!

 Remember, the more candles you craft, the brighter the county will be!

Soy Wax Stick
Double Boiler
Maple Log

Collect Candle Sets and win exclusive prizes!

Candle Set

New Animal - Final Reward:

Baby Blue Bearded Watermael Chicken
Adult Blue Bearded Watermael Chicken
Prized Blue Bearded Watermael Chicken

New Recipes:

Marigold Fields Candle

Blueberry Bounce Candle

Spicy Cinnamon Candle

Summer Sunflower Candle

Lilac Love Candle

Fresh Lime Candle

Heirloom Fresh Lime Candle
Tangerine Twist Candle

Ebony and Ivory Candle


Cinnamon Essence

Lilac Essence

Ebony Dye

Pack of Wicks

New Materials for the Next Quest:

Soft Blanket
Jar of Glow Worms
Rubber Lizard

New Decorations:

A delightful little pond lit with flickering lights!

Candle Pond

A ladder with candles to set any mood you want!

Decorative Ladder

A gorgeous fence to light up your farm in the night!

Candle Fence

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