Dogs Are Here! (Coming Soon)

Adopt a Collie Puppy! Finish first to get Pick of the Litter! Get bonus output from your animals!
Completing tasks gives you points towards a puppy! Collies increase animal output for free, forever!

Finish in first place to get first pick of puppies! Earn 1000 Puppy Points to pick your puppy!
Beat Marie, Walter, and Barbara, or they will pick their puppies before you!
You have proven you will be a great dog owner! Ready to Pick?

I think Walter is making a move! Walter has been making lots of puppy supplies!
Think you can maintain your lead? Walt's on the move!
The competition is heating up! Your neighbors are raking in the Puppy Points!
Better check on your rivals! They are doubling their efforts!

Puppy Point

Collie Puppy

Collie Puppy

Collie Puppy

Collie Puppy

Baby Cream Valais Black Nosed Sheep
Adult Cream Valais Black Nosed Sheep
Prized Cream Valais Black Nosed Sheep

Resource Pack

A dog bed is a cozy place to sleep... for a dog!

Dog Bed

Jumps are a great way to tire a dog out!

Dog Jump

The doghouse for herding dogs!

Herding Dog House

Herding Dog House

Herding Dog House

Herding Dog House


Knitting Needle


Puppy Training Manual

Puppy Training Pad

Puppy Dog Tags

Puppy Medicine

Puppy Adoption Paper

Puppy Balloon

Baby Puppy Card

Puppy Party Hat

Dog Movie

Paw Print Treat

Puppy Pills

Puppy Chow Bag

Apple Crunch Pupcakes
Heirloom Apple Crunch Pupcakes

Healthy Pumpkin Balls

Basic Dog Biscuits

Teeth Cleaning Treat
Heirloom Teeth Cleaning Treat

Frisky Fig Fritters
Heirloom Frisky Fig Fritters

Baby Animal Formula

Beaded Doggie Sweater

Doggie Chew Toy
Heirloom Doggie Chew Toy

Dog Fetching Stick
Heirloom Dog Fetching Stick

Furry Bone

Doggie Chew Rope

Leather Chew Toy

Rubber Hair Toy
Heirloom Rubber Hair Toy

Dog Grooming Brush
Heirloom Dog Grooming Brush

Dog Tub
Heirloom Dog Tub

Dog Shampoo
Heirloom Dog Shampoo

Dog Leash

Dog Collar

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