Check out the New Recipes Coming with the Dogs!

During the next week will arrive new Recipes in our Farm together the Dogs. Below the specifications for the production of these new recipes.

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Paw Print Treat:


Paw Print Treat = Vitamin x3 + Dough x1

Puppy Pills:


Puppy Pills Vitamin x3 + Rice Flour

Puppy Chow Bag:


Puppy Chow Bag Corn x8 + Egg x10

Apple Crunch Pupcakes:


Apple Crunch Pupcakes Batter x1 + Apple x4

Heirloom Apple Crunch Pupcakes:


Heirloom Apple Crunch Pupcakes Batter x1 + Heirloom Apple x4

Healthy Pumpkin Balls:


Healthy Pumpkin Balls Batter x1 + Pumpkin x6

Basic Dog Biscuits:


Basic Dog Biscuits Batter x1 + + Salt x2

Teeth Cleaning Treat:


Teeth Cleaning Treat = Sunflower x6 + Apple x4

Heirloom Teeth Cleaning Treat:


Heirloom Teeth Cleaning Treat Sunflower x6 + Heirloom Apple x4

Frisky Fig Fritters:


Frisky Fig Fritters Vitamin x3 + Fig x6

Heirloom Frisky Fig Fritters:


Heirloom Frisky Fig Fritters Vitamin x3 + Heirloom Fig x6

Baby Animal Formula:


Baby Animal Formula Vitamin x3 + Milk x6

Beaded Doggie Sweater:


Beaded Doggie Sweater = Glass Beads + Wool x4

Doggie Chew Toy:


Doggie Chew Toy Magenta Dye x1 + Rubber x4

Heirloom Doggie Chew Toy:


Heirloom Doggie Chew Toy Magenta Dye x1 + Heirloom Rubber x4

Dog Fetching Stick:


Dog Fetching Stick Blueberry Dye x1 + Piece of Wood x4

Heirloom Dog Fetching Stick:


Heirloom Dog Fetching Stick Blueberry Dye x1 + Heirloom Piece of Wood x4

Furry Bone:


Furry Bone = Knitting Needle + Wool x1

Doggie Chew Rope:


Doggie Chew Rope Knitting Needle + Rope x4

Leather Chew Toy:


Leather Chew Toy Knitting Needle x3 + Leather x4

Rubber Hair Toy:


Rubber Hair Toy Knitting Needle x3 + Rubber x4

Heirloom Rubber Hair Toy:


Heirloom Rubber Hair Toy Knitting Needle x3 + Heirloom Rubber x4

Dog Grooming Brush:


Dog Grooming Brush = Boar Bristle x3 + Piece of Wood x1

Heirloom Dog Grooming Brush:


Heirloom Dog Grooming Brush Boar Bristle x3 + Heirloom Piece of Wood x1

Dog Tub:


Dog Tub Rubber x4 + Blueberry Dye x1

Heirloom Dog Tub:


Heirloom Dog Tub = Heirloom Rubber x4 + Blueberry Dye x1

Dog Shampoo:


Dog Shampoo Plain Soap x1 + Water x1

Heirloom Dog Shampoo:


Heirloom Dog Shampoo = Heirloom Plain Soap x1 + Water x1

Dog Leash:


Dog Leash = Rope x4 + Horseshoe x4

Dog Collar:


Dog Collar = Wool x6 + Rhinestone x2
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