Build Your Kissing Booth! (Coming 27/01/2015)

Host Kissing Booths! Craft Kissing Booth supplies! Invite your friends to join you on your farm!
Win an exclusive Satyr Tragonpan Pheasant! Take pictures of Percy's adventures with the girls of Farmville!
Tip: Each Kissing Booth is more rewarding than the last!

Place Kissing Booth! Pucker Up, Percy! Build a Kissing Booth and craft supplies for Percy!
Invite friends and take pictures of Percy kissing them!
Each Kissing Booth is more rewarding than the last! Invite your friends to join you on this important day for Percy!

Nothing says Valentine better than little hearts!

Heart-shaped Tile

Set the mood for Percy and his girls!

Bucket of Cream Paint

A ribbon to reflect the mood of the season!

Coral Ribbon

New Materials for the Next Quest: A Valiant Valentine Venture

To see the Quest Tasks go Here =>

Ideal for quick fixes done in the comfort of your home.

Sewing Kit

The perfect blend of grapes and love.


A soft and creamy cheese, to set the right mood.


New Recipes:

Craft this Heirloom Courting for Dummies book for your kissing booth party!

Courting for Dummies
Heirloom Courting for Dummies

A small sweet to keep you minty fresh for the Kissing Booth!

Mouth Freshener

A quick snack to sneak in, between kisses!

Peppermint Cookies

Help Percy repel all the cooties he'll get from his Kissing Booth participants!

Cooties Repellent

Sweet and fresh, ideal for kissing marathons!

Cranberry Mint Smoothie

Say 'I Love You' properly!

Valentine's Day Card

Keep those strays in place!

Pocket Comb
Heirloom Pocket Comb

Smell good while you pucker up!

Fresh Cologne
Heirloom Fresh Cologne

Look smart, the ladies will love it!

White Lily Boutonniere
Peppermint Oil
Sugar-n-Spice Sachet
Pair of Scissors

New Animal - Final Reward

A pheasant with a fancy plumage!

Baby Satyr Tragonpan Pheasant
Adult Satyr Tragonpan Pheasant
Prized Satyr Tragonpan Pheasant

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