Build Your Mini Cow Corral!

 Build a Mini Cow Corral and get favors! Welcome a Pint-sized Cow to Your Farm
 Arrange a Meet and Greet to welcome it to your farm! Adopt a baby Mini Longhorn Cow!
The mini cow's corral isn't complete yet! Build it and she might stay on your farm!

Sack of Sawdust
Orange Saw
Oak Plank

New Animal:

A baby black and white mini cow with soulful brown eyes!

Baby Mini Longhorn Cow
Adult Mini Longhorn Cow
Prized Mini Longhorn Cow

New Materials:

Stress Ball
Door Knob
Gravy Boat
Grass Bundle

Health Certificate

Mini Cow Button


New Decorations:

A miniature cart full of sweet spun sugar!

Mini Cotton Candy Cart

A miniature bouncy castle packed with extra bounce!

Mini Bouncy Castle

New Tree:

Japanese Cedar Tree

Heirloom Japanese Cedar Tree
Elder Japanese Cedar Tree
Japanese Cedar Tree Fruit
Heirloom Japanese Cedar Tree Fruit

New Recipes:

Mini Cowbell
Fur-lined Collar
Animal Cracker
Mini Cow Fence
Heirloom Mini Cow Fence
Caramel Rice Bar
Warm Sweetened Milk
Mini Cow Sign
Heirloom Mini Cow Sign
Clotted Cream
Cow Stencil
Animal Cookie Cutter
Warm Sugar Syrup
Caramel Nuggets

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