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Prized Fiddlehead

Sheep's Bit
Prized Sheep's Bit

Dragon Bean
Prized Dragon Bean

Dumpling Squash
Prized Dumpling Squash


Mayweather Damson Tree
Heirloom Mayweather Damson Tree
Elder Mayweather Damson Tree
Mayweather Damson Tree Fruit
Heirloom Mayweather Damson Tree Fruit

Horse Mango Tree
Heirloom Horse Mango Tree
Elder Horse Mango Tree
Horse Mango Tree Fruit
Heirloom Horse Mango Tree Fruit

Geiger Tree
Heirloom Geiger Tree
Elder Geiger Tree
Geiger Tree Fruit
Heirloom Geiger Tree Fruit


Fiddlehead Soup

Fiddlehead Tortellini

Fiddlehead Mashed Potatoes

Mayweather Damson Jam
Heirloom Mayweather Damson Jam

 Mayweather Damson Pudding
Heirloom Mayweather Damson Pudding

 Mayweather Damson Crumble Cake
Heirloom Mayweather Damson Crumble Cake

 Horse Mango Rice
Heirloom Horse Mango Rice

Horse Mango Ice Cream
Heirloom Horse Mango Ice Cream

Horse Mango Salsa
Heirloom Horse Mango Salsa

Dragon Bean Salad

Fire-Glazed Dragon Beans

Dragon Bean Casserole

Caramelized Dumpling Squash


Dumpling Squash Ratatouille

 Key West Boutonniere
Heirloom Key West Boutonniere

Key West Lei
Heirloom Key West Lei

Key West Guitar
Heirloom Key West Guitar

Sheep’s Bit Flying Cup

Sheep’s Bit Potpourri

Sheep’s Bit Pot


Barn Level 4

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