Cardoon Will Be Your Doom! (Market Le Items)

Not really! Plant Cardoon and check out Black Painted Markhor Goats, Ogbono Nut Trees, and much more! Available for a limited time in FarmVille 2!


Baby Black Andaluz Donkey
Adult Black Andaluz Donkey
Prized Black Andaluz Donkey

Baby Black Painted Markhor Goat
Adult Black Painted Markhor Goat
Prized Black Painted Markhor Goat

Baby Snowy Call Duck
Adult Snowy Call Duck
Prized Snowy Call Duck

Baby Brown African Goose
Adult Brown African Goose
Prized Brown African Goose


Serbian Spruce Tree
Heirloom Serbian Spruce Tree
Elder Serbian Spruce Tree
 Serbian Spruce Tree Fruit
Heirloom Serbian Spruce Tree Fruit

Bergamot Orange Tree
Heirloom Bergamot Orange Tree
Elder Bergamot Orange Tree
Bergamot Orange Tree Fruit
Heirloom Bergamot Orange Tree Fruit

Ogbono Nut Tree
Heirloom Ogbono Nut Tree
Elder Ogbono Nut Tree
 Ogbono Nut Tree Fruit
Heirloom Ogbono Nut Tree Fruit


Prized Cardoon


Roasted Ogbono Nuts
Heirloom Roasted Ogbono Nuts

Ogbono Nut Oil
Heirloom Ogbono Nut Oil

Ogbono Nut Soup
Heirloom Ogbono Nut Soup

Cardoon Gratin

Sauteed Cardoon

Baked Cardoon

Serbian Spruce Wooden Bowl
Heirloom Serbian Spruce Wooden Bowl

 Bergamot Orange Potpourri
Heirloom Bergamot Orange Potpourri

Bergamot Orange Dye
Heirloom Bergamot Orange Dye
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