Build Your Music Stand! (Coming 23/12/2014)

Craft caroling supplies!
Invite your friends to join you on the ride!
 Win an exclusive Baby Smoke Nigora Goat!
Take your friends on a caroling carriage ride around FarmVille 2!
 Tip: Each caroling ride is more rewarding than the last!

Host 5 caroling rides and win rewards!
 You'll need a Music Stand to hold songbooks for the caroling ride!
 Have a Music Stand on your farm and host cheer-filled caroling carriage rides around FarmVille 2!

Music Stand

A harp-shaped stand to hold songbooks.

Songbook Holder

Golden bells for the holiday season.

Gilded Bell

Perfectly round for a perfectly round table.

Round Table Base

Materials for the Next Quest:

For percussion with a softer touch.

Set of Drum Brushes

A delightful cross between a flute and a keyboard.


Always a good idea to keep an extra set handy.

Set of Guitar Strings

Materials & Recipes:

Craft this Yellow Songbook for your caroling carriage ride!

Yellow Songbook

Craft this Purple Songbook for your caroling carriage ride!

Purple Songbook

Craft this Red Songbook for your caroling carriage ride!

Red Songbook

Craft this Toy Tool Set as a nice present for Cornelius' kids!

Toy Tool Set

A festive headband for the holiday season!

Reindeer Headband

Get your feet tapping in these Dancing Shoes!

Pair of Dancing Shoes

Whistle a pretty tune!

Penny Whistle

Hold a note like a pro with this Pitch Pipe!

Pitch Pipe

Silver Bells for the holiday season!

Silver Bell Cluster

Manuscript Paper
Rhinestone Buckle
Red Felt
Brass Reed

Final Reward:

A fluffy gray goat for your farm family!

Baby Smoke Nigora Goat
Adult Smoke Nigora Goat
Prized Smoke Nigora Goat

Music Stand Rewards:

Reward 1
Reward 2
Reward 3
Reward 4
Reward 5
Final Reward

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