"Ostrich Optimization" Quest Guide!

Hey {user}!  All these ostrich races have really gotten me in the mood to train my own racing Ostrich!
Sounds Fun!
I'm going to use all the wildest training techniques to ensure that my Ostrich is a true speed freak!
Wow! Sure!

Rewards: 1 Favor, 30 XP and 300 Coins

Rewards: 1 Favor, 35 XP and 350 Coins

Rewards: 1 Favor, 40 XP and 400 Coins

Rewards: 1 Favor, 45 XP and 450 Coins

Rewards: 1 Favor, 50 XP and 550 Coins

Rewards: 1 Favor, 70 XP and 650 Coins

Rewards: 2 Favors, 90 XP and 900 Coins

Rewards: 2 Favors, 120 XP and 1100 Coins
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