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Expand now and unlock limited time only holiday rewards! Expand now and unlock exclusive rewards!

If you want to see the New Recipes Click Here => http://goo.gl/M3H2dJ

Expansion 36: Sharpen Your Skills
 The Shady Pines

 Unlock to get this great reward!

 Expansion 37: Don't Get Lost
 Green Leaf Grove

 Expansion 38: Make Sure You Have The Proper Permits!
 Viridian Woods

 Expansion 39: Hire a Clearing Crew!
 Cherrygrove Cove

 Expansion 40: Dress Appropriately
 Overgrown Outlook

 Expansion 41: Get Your Paperwork In Order!
 Twinleaf Taiga


The Great Basin Bristlecone Tree is a long-living wood tree found in the higher mountains of the southwestern United States.

Blue Wood Chipper
Heirloom Blue Wood Chipper
Elder Blue Wood Chipper
Blue Wood Chipper Fruit 
Blue Wood Chipper Heirloom Fruit

Rimu Trees are large coniferous wood trees found in the forests of New Zealand.

Rimu Tree
Heirloom Rimu Tree
Elder Rimu Tree
Rimu Tree Fruit

Rimu Tree Heirloom Fruit


Utility Knife
Heirloom Utility Knife

Navigation Compass

Hand Crank Drill
Heirloom Hand Crank Drill

Heirloom Baseball Mitt
Heirloom Baseball Mitt

Conical Hat
Metal Pulley

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