Check out the New Recipes Coming with New Expansions & with Water Field!

During the next week will arrive New Expansions and Water Field & with them New Recipes in FarmVille 2 . Below the specifications for the production of recipes.

To see NEW Deep Woods go here =>
To see New Water Field go here =>

Metal Pulley:


Metal PulleyMetal Sheet x8 +Silver Ore x5

Conical Hat:


Conical Hat Cattails x10 + Red Yarn x8

Baseball Mitt:


Baseball Mitt Leather x4 + Olive Oil x3

Heirloom Baseball Mitt:


Heirloom Baseball Mitt Leather x4 + Heirloom Olive Oil x3

Hand Crank Drill:


Hand Crank Drill Metal Sheet x4 + Lumber x4

Heirloom Hand Crank Drill:


Heirloom Hand Crank Drill Metal Sheet x4 + Heirloom Lumber x4

Navigation Compass:


Navigation CompassMetal Sheet x6 + Copper Ore x5

Utility Knife:


Utility Knife Metal Sheet x6 + Piece of Wood x10

Heirloom Utility Knife:


Heirloom Utility Knife Metal Sheet x6 + Heirloom Piece of Wood x10

Sliced Bamboo:


Sliced Bamboo Water Bamboo x4 + Water Bamboo x4

Tomato Bamboo Stir-fry:


Tomato Bamboo Stir-fry Sliced Bamboo x1 + Tomato x8

Seasoned Water Bamboo:


Seasoned Water Bamboo Water Bamboo x6 + Water Pepper Vinegar x1

Water Pepper Vinegar:


Water Pepper Vinegar Water Pepper x4 + Salt x2

Herb and Fish Filling:


Herb and Fish Filling Water Pepper Vinegar x1 + Catfish x1

Herb and Fish Pastry:


Herb and Fish Pastry Herb and Fish Filling x1 + Pie Crust x1

Black Rice Pudding:


Black Rice Pudding Black Rice x8 + Half and Half x2

Black Rice and Corn:


Black Rice and Corn Black Rice x4 + Corn x4

Black Rice Cranberry Salad:


Black Rice Cranberry Salad Black Rice and Corn x3 + Cranberry x6

Papyrus Strips:


Papyrus Strips Papyrus x3 + Papyrus x3

Craft Paper:


Craft Paper = Papyrus Strips x2 + Water x2

Papyrus Sandles:


Papyrus Sandles Papyrus Strips x1 + Rope x6

White Water Snowflake Necklace:

=x8 x6

White Water Snowflake Necklace White Water Snowflake x8 + Rope x6

White Water Snowflake Earings:


White Water Snowflake Earings White Water Snowflake x6 + Metal Sheet x2

White Water Snowflake Bouquet:


White Water Snowflake Bouquet White Water Snowflake x10 + Wool x10
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